Best Online Sites for Finding Contract Writing Work

The technological world offers every help and information you need, thanks to the online networks. This has benefited freelancers of different niches, including data managers, designers, content marketing experts, software developers, and project managers. Writers are also not left behind, and there are hundreds of sites through which they can get jobs. 

However, they may lose interest, especially if they have to play the referral or networking game or sit and wait for something to come along their way. Are you a writer in need of contract writing work? This write-up is meant for you! It will help you know the best sites with which you can find work, whether part or full-time, and with little struggles.


Upwork, initially called Odesk, tops our list of the best contract writing companies. It offers gigs for content marketing experts, graphic designers, and writers, and you could be one of the lucky bidders. Once on the site, you can access past projects and use them to build your brand and reputation, standing a chance of winning contracts. 

In addition, Upwork offers thousands of job postings daily, featuring various niches and levels. So whether you are a novice or an experienced writer, Upwork is for you.


This is another premium writing site on our list and ticks every box of the best writing website recommendations. Through its’ writing jobs finder,’ the website schemes through the web and brings you all writing jobs available. It’s then up to you to sort the opportunities based on your interest and niche and hack the best gigs. 

In addition, after customizing your searches, the site will be sending you emails, helping you find the best opportunities that match your niche and rates. As if that’s not enough, Contena offers you coaching, courses, publishing, and Pro-Rate features, which you can use to enhance your chances of landing writing contracts.


Are you just starting out as a writer and would like to build your way up, eventually winning big writing contracts? iWriter is the right platform for you because it gives you the experience to develop your brand. Besides, getting an account with the website is easy, and it only takes you a couple of minutes to fill a form and the two 250-word writer’s prompts. To maximize your chances by starting out as a standard writer and gaining more skills and experience to let you win more extensive and more paying gigs.


FlexJobs is one of the best sites for freelance writers and is ideal for experienced writers. The website offers some of the best experiences as it filters through and screens its jobs, ensuring that no scams or low-paying jobs are posted on your page. 

This makes the site great because you don’t have to go through junk files and waste your precious time. However, you need to have prior writing experience, or you will have difficulty writing contracts here. 


BloggingPro helps millions of writers who are just starting out and would like to build their brands. Unlike FlexJobs, BloggingPro does not scrutinize its job postings, and it is up to you to filter the search results to evade scammers and low-paying gigs. 

However, its $30 pay for a 30-day project isn’t the wrong way to start and maximize your writing experience. In addition, it is specifically meant for freelance writers and publishers, meaning that most postings will match your criterion as a writer. 

Freelance writing jobs (Frj)

The Freelance Writing Jobs (FSJ) is among the best-curated and premium writing websites that help writers find contract writing work. One of the website’s unique features is updated from Monday to Friday, saving you the hassle, stress, and time of going through bogus postings. 

However, you still need to be diligent when signing in for writing opportunities to avoid being scammed. Although its experience does not match Upwork’s or FlexJobs,’ its archived posts will help you start out as a beginner in the writing industry. However, experienced writers can also top up their knowledge depth with the archives. 


Boasting more than 100,000 content orders every month, Textbroker is an ideal writing website for any person looking for writing contracts. It’s easy to start out with the company. It only requires you to fill a form, verify U.S. citizenship, and provide a sample of written work. After which, you will be vetted and receive a 2–5-star rating and can start viewing job postings. 

The site offers multiple jobs from press releases, web copies, blogs, and product descriptions. You only need to identify your niche and maximize it. All the while, the site oversees and runs workflow and payment issues, leaving you free of the hassle of bootlicking clients to get paid. However, their pay is relatively low, which is why beginners and not veterans prefer it.


Guru offers multiple job postings to freelancers of various niches, including writers in need of contract work. The site is customizable and allows writers to set their standard rating, helping them get jobs that match these ratings. Tailoring expertise, experience, and skills save you the inconvenience of going through jobs that don’t benefit you. Since you will only get search results that match your skills and specialty.


Are you a writer looking for a website that offers writing contracts and ensures that you get the best communication experience? Then, People-Per-Hour is the answer to your prayer. This freelance website works like Fiverr, and allows you to create and customize your profile and portfolio, and gets you valuable leads that match your criterion. In addition, its in-built communication channels will enable you to share your issues, making project delivery easier.

The bottom line

Although there are multiple freelance websites for writers looking for contract writing work, landing a gig might be challenging. The referral, networking, and waiting for something to come along games are not what you prefer. In this article, you learn about the best sites with which you can enjoy writing contracts. Try your luck today by creating an account with an area of your own liking.

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness. 

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