Do you have what it takes to become a book editor?

A book editor is someone who goes over the manuscript looking for mistakes that need cleaning up before publishing it. A book editor has a tough job because the editor is different, if he or she does not do the job he or she got. As a book editor you can become a freelancer or an employee of a publishing company. A job in book editing is much-needed since there are more writers in this day in age. They all need highly qualified book editors with the experience to make their dreams come true.

When you are thinking about a career in book editing, you will need to get a Bachelor’s degree in English or communications, for instance. You will gain experience editing different documents. In fact, you can do your internship at a publishing company. You will get real-life experience as an assistant. You may consider taking a writing course to help you even more with your editing skills. Other degrees, such as business and marketing can pursue a degree in book editing, but they will still need writing experience. Business and marketing is helpful if you plan on having your own business and learning how to network.

Obtain more training, such as becoming familiar with different types of software. Your main software will be Microsoft Word, but with everything being digital you may want to learn more. One type of software you should consider is Microsoft Publisher. Book editors use this software as well. When you apply for book editing jobs, the potential client will see on your résumé that you have more training in software applications. When it comes to learning software applications, you can either take a course online, in-person, or teach yourself with the resources that are available online.

Book editors usually were writers before they became interested in this field. Some even continue to write, especially if they have their own blogs and websites to advertise their editing business. If you have an interest in book editing, you can always start by joining your high school and college newspaper as an editor. You will need all the experience you can get when you have an in book editing. Your form of editing may not necessarily be a manuscript in the beginning, but any type of editing experience is good.

As stated before, get an internship with a publishing company before you graduate from college. Some places you can look for internships for editors are Publisher’s Weekly, Book Jobs, and in a publication called Writer’s Market. You will more than likely find an internship in your area. Most internships are unpaid, but at the same time you are gaining experience and that is just as important as money. Social media will be your best friend. There are social media groups that cater to different careers, such as book editing. You are able to find not only internships, but your first project in your chosen occupation. It is almost surreal.

Networking is your best friend. Attend book conferences where you can talk with publishing companies face-to-face. Let them know your skills and that you want to work at their company. When you start working as an editor, you work as an assistant instead, but you’ll still be doing the same thing, such as proofreading and working with other editors. While working as an editor assistant, continue to look for book editor positions. That is what your dream career is and do not give it up just because the publishing company has nice co-workers and you still get to edit manuscripts. You’re still not a book editor.

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